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30-day refund policy – no fixed-term contracts

Hosting FAQ

Which hosting plan is right for me?

All hosting plans have the same features. Your decision should be based on how much space you think you will need, 4000, 300 or 100mb. The Lite plan has aslo fewer email accounts. Click here to compare the plans now. You can also upgrade or downgrade at anytime from the control panel.

Why should I choose Banana Hosting to host my site?

  • Personal reliable support service
  • All inclusive plans suitable for beginners and developers.
  • Extensive programming and troubleshooting experience means we can assist you with installing scripts on your sites.
  • No long term contracts – unless you want 20% discount
  • Buy as you go resources enables you to save money and grow your business.

Banana Hosting also provides a simple and economical web-hosting service which is on par with any other company. We provide support even on the weekends and late nights.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

Banana Hosting processes payments through PayPal and accepts Credit and Debit Cards.

To register for a PayPal account click here. You can then pay using Visa, Mastercard, Discovery or America Express through PayPal.

Payment is not automatic, so your credit card is never billed without permission. You will manually make each payment for the invoices you receive by following a link sent to your email address every billing period. We also give you 10 days credit.

We can also accomodate Bank Transfers for yearly payments.

What scripting languages and databases does Banana Hosting support?

All of our web servers run either Microsoft Windows 2012 or FreeBSD and offer you the following scripting and database options on the supported platform:

CGI, Perl, PHP 5.5, HTML, SHTML, XML, DHTML, SSI, SSL , ASP, .net 4,   MS Access, MySql and MS SQL 2008.

PHP 5 is available on Unix plans only and ASPnet 2.0 is enabled on request.

What happens when i need more bandwidth and disk space?

You can always increase/decrease your allocated resources from your account.

Extra bandwidth costs $3/Gb/month. Discounts apply to custom or large plans. Extra Disk space cost $0.10/MB

Will my account have a web-based control panel?

Yes! You will have access to our amazing feature-packed web control panel interface called H-Sphere. You can take charge of everything to do with your website with this tool.

How do I transfer from another web host?

Transferring from another web host is very simple. Sign up for a Banana package and upload your website via FTP or the included File Manager.

You then need to point your domain name to our name servers (DNS). You can do this from your domain registrar’s website.

Primary DNS: ns1.bananainternational.com
Secondary DNS: ns2.bananainternational.com

Do you have an affiliate program or reseller plan?

We have no affiliate program or reseller plans at this time. We have instead a referral scheme whereby you may refer a friend and receive his first month’s payment as credit on your account. Eg: $18, $12, or $3, depending on which plan they choose. Simply email us and tell us which domain they are hosting. Credits may be reduced if discount coupons are used.

Where can I look for more information or who can I contact?

We want your experience to be a good one with very few problems. If you have a question or a problem need answered the first place you should check is in our online FAQ section or the control panel manual. Otherwise just send an email to [email protected]

Email FAQ

How do i create my first email address?

Login to the control panel on the main page or click here, then click on the “Email” icon. Follow the instructions to create a new email address.

How do i setup my email client?

  • Use the information bellow and follow the instruction of your email client to check your mail from your computer.Incoming (POP/IMAP) Server: mail.yourdomainname.comOutgoing (SMTP) server: mail.yourdomainname.com SMTP Port: 2525 Username: [email protected] Password: email account password
  • For outgoing mailserver you must enable ‘Athentication’ or you will get an error when sending. If your ISP has blocked SMTP server access, try using port 2525 or port 587 instead of port 25 which is the default. Your account will also support IMAP and SSL

How do i access my email from the web?

You can type your domain in any browser like this: http://mail.yourdomain.com

What are Autoresponders?

An autoresponder will send a standard response e-mail message to anyone who sends an e-mail to a specific e-mail address at your domain. Each of our hosting plans allow you to set up a specific number of autoresponders for free

What are aliases?

Aliases are different names for the same mailbox:
For example: You can use e-mail addresses like [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] which will all point to one mailbox

How much email space do i get?

You either receive 1000mb, 300mb or 100mb depending on your plan, however this is shared with your webspace and databases.

Mail servers are NOT backed up and most email is kept on the server for 1-3 months and then deleted to save space. Please download your email regularly to your pc.

What is Spam Assassin?

Spam detection software is installed on all email servers but disabled on new accounts by default. Once enabled, you can set the sensitivity level at which emails will be regarded as spam and either deleting or adding [Spam] to the subject line. Filtering rules can also be applied at the server. Spam Assassin is a very powerful anti-spam tool and is highly recommended.

Simply go to http://mail.yourdomain.com/spamassassin and login with your email account details.

Recommended Points level: 4-4.5.
NetWorks Test: Enable all three

Do you offer an Anti-Virus?

Yes, ClamAV is installed on all mail servers and is updated daily. Any emails containing viruses are deleted before they reach your mail box.

I cannot send emails but i can receive.

This means your ISP or Firewall is blocking the connection.

In your Email program set the outgoing server port to 2525 or 587 (not just 25).

Then check that ‘Athentication’ is enabled.

How long is email kept on the server?

Due to the large volume of data that passes through mail servers, they are NOT backed up and most mail is kept on the server for 1-3 months, depending on available disk space. Please download your email regularly to your pc to prevent loss of emails.

Developer FAQ

What is the full physical server path to my account?

It varies slightly per server but your account will either be on a C: or D: drive and follow this syntax:




How do i access my email from the web?

Access your webmail from any browser : http://mail.yourdomain.com

Why do i see my code in the browser?

This means you have not turned on support for your scripting language. Go to Web Options in the control panel, and Turn ON support for your language e.g PHP or ASP.

I cannot send emails generated by ASP or PHP applications.

All email script will need to send via smtp with Authentication enabled

Also scripts or applications that do not have a FROM address, or the address is not for a domain registered on your account will be stopped by our mailservers.

When using PHP, you need to use the proper FROM syntax within the Mail () function: [email protected].

You will need to change your script’s mail() function from this:

to this:

mail($to,$subject,$body,‘From: [email protected]‘,’[email protected]);

AND/OR you can edit the php.ini file located in your domain folder and make this setting:

[email protected]

If you are on Unix, you need to add this to the .htaccess file in the root directory of your site:

php_value sendmail_from [email protected]

Application written in ASP or ASPNET only need a valid FROM address.

I have a valid FROM address but i still don't receive any emails!

When sending emails, always set the mailserver address as “localhost”. If you set it to “mail.yourdomain.com” it will NOT work. This is because our SMTP servers need authentication, you may add that if you wish and it will work, but “localhost” is much faster and doesn’t need authentication.

If you are using CGI or PERL scripts on Windows, you cannot send with “Sendmail”, this only works on UNIX servers. Try a different method.

It is recommended to use PHPmailer with smtp authentication. This is guaranteed to work. You can get the libraries and view examples here: https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer

How do i modify permissions on my folders?

All Banana accounts come pre-configured with Modify permission, which allows reading, writing and deleting of files and folders by scripting. You should never need to request support to change these as they are set by default. But if you are getting write errors please contact support to have it resolved.

Can i use a custom php.ini file?

On newer Windows 2012 servers custom php.ini are not available. However we can make any changes to the php environment that you require on your domain, just email us.

Otherwise on older servers a default php.ini file is copied to your domain folder when you turn on PHP. You can use it to enable any of the supported extensions and for custom settings.

I cannot send emails but i can receive.

We support either Microsoft Windows 2008/12 or FreeBSD based servers and offer the following scripting and database options:

CGI, Perl, PHP 5.4, Java, HTML, SHTML, XML, DHTML, SSI, SSL , ASP, MS Access, MySql and MS SQL, .NET 1.1 thru 4

Supported Database Drivers:

Microsoft Paradox Driver
Microsoft Jet OLEDB
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver
Microsoft Database Driver
Microsoft Excel Driver
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Driver PostgreSQL

How do i connect to an Access database?

The ms access may not work on newer servers as it has been discontinued by Microsoft.

Please use the JET OLE driver only to connect to an Access db:

“Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data source=C:\hshome\youraccoutname\domain.com\database.mdb”

You must close all database connections/recordsets at the end of each page, or the server WILL eventually hang.

How do i upload my files?

The best way to upload multiple files is to use an FTP client. Compress all the folders and files on your computer then upload the zip file. Then from the File Manager uncomress the file and all the contents will be extracted to your site.

Our File Manager has a file upload limit of 2mb, which is why an ftp client would be bettter.

FTP login details can be found in your welcome email.

Why doesn't my site show up? I uploaded the files to my account.

All site files should go into your domain folder not the ‘root folder’. Then either delete the default index.html or overwrite with your own, your site will then work.

To set another file as default (eg. index.asp, default.php etc):

In the control panel, go to Web Option, at the bottom turn on Directory Indexes and set the default file name.

How do i configure Dreamweaver to upload my files?

Use the FTP login details in the welcome email to configure Dreamweaver.

Click on Site in the top menu > Manage Sites > Select your site and press Edit > Remote Info:

Access: FTP
FTP: your web server address e.g. nt42.bananahosting.com (You can find this on the Account Settings page in your hosting account)
Host Directory: /ftpusername/domain.com/
Login: your ftp user
Password: your ftp password
Enable Passive FTP

Need help with WordPress?

If WordPress is giving you problems on a Unix server then create an .htaccess file and insert this:

php_value allow_url_fopen On
php_value post_max_size 16M
php_value memory_limit 64M
php_flag zend.ze1_compatibility_mode Off
php_flag suhosin.cookie.encrypt Off
php_value suhosin.request.max_vars 2048
php_value suhosin.post.max_vars 2048

Do you support Silverlight?

Yes! Under Weboptions in your account simply add the following MIME extensions:

* .xap application/x-silverlight-app
* .xaml application/xaml+xml
* .xbap application/x-ms-xbap

Do you support flash video or .FLV files?

Yes! Simply sdd the following MIME under Weboption in your account:

.flv “video/x-flv