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Advanced Unix plans with all the extras!

30-day refund policy – no fixed-term contracts

This plan is being discontinued. Please see our new cPanel plans here 

Banana Unix XL Plan

Banana Unix plans are perfect for users who want to program in PHP or Perl and need access to Unix specific components such as Contrab or need control over directory permissions via CHMOD or to create sub-ftp accounts.

Banana Unix XL features at a glance:
4GB Space / 24 GB Bandwidth10 domain hosting
Unlimited Email accountsCGI, PHP 5.6
Unlimited Mail Alias & ForwardsUnlimited mySQL 5.1 & MS SQL 2012
30 Sub DomainsCustom DNS Records
Developer friendly!Popular Extensions
FTP AccessSite Statistics

“A classic with all the extras”

The Banana Unix XL plan costs only $18/month*.It’s a powerful plan with everything you will ever need and now supports 10 domain names and unlimited mysql & mssql databases.

Also Includes:

Modlogan, SS Imagemap, Virtual FTP Server, mnogoSearch, Symbolic Links, MultiViews, mod_rewrite, Imagemagic, GD2, Pear and much more!


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Banana Unix 1000 Plan

This Unix plan is suitable for users on a tighter budget. If you do not need more than 300mb and only have one domain then this plan is perfect for you. It is suitable for the first time buyer.

Banana Unix 1000 features at a glance:
1000 MB Space / 6 GB Bandwidth10 domain hosting
Unlimited Email accountsCGI, PHP  5.6
Unlimited Mail Alias & ForwardsUnlimited mySQL 5.1 & MS SQL 2012
10 Sub DomainsCustom DNS Records
FTP AccessSite Statistics

“The original Banana plan”

The Banana Unix 300 plan is suitable for first time buyers and is only $12/month*.It is an excellent choice and includes everything you will ever need.


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Banana Unix Lite Plan

If you need all the advantages of a Unix server but are just starting out, then this plan is for you. It is best used for small websites, or to cheaply host a domain. All Unix features are still enabled.


Banana Unix Lite features at a glance:
300 MB Space / 3 GB Bandwidth1 domain hosting
10 Email accountsCGI, PHP 5.6
10 Mailbox Alias & ForwardsCustom DNS Record
1 Sub DomainsSite Statistics
FTP AccessUnlimited MS SQL 2012 & MySQL

“Keeping it simple”

The Banana Unix Lite 100 plan is now $48/Year*. for 300mb space! Simple and reliable, for the small business site.

Suitable for a small website or email hosting. All development components are still included. More space can be bought at $0.1/mb through the control panel. A perfect starter plan that can be upgraded at anytime.


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Choose Your Plan:

Every Account Includes:

ASP, .Net , PHP, CGI

Spam Assassin

Webalizer & AWstats

PHP/mySQL Admin

MS SQL Manager

30 day refund policy

Unbeatable customer support

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Unlimited mySQL & MS SQL

Custom DNS Records

CGI, PHP 4.4.3 > PHP 5.4

Webalizer & Awstats

Spam Assassin


High-Speed FreeBSD servers

H-Sphere Control Panel

IMAP and POP3 Email accounts

FTP & Web Based File Manager

Multiple FTP accounts

PHP/mySQL Admin

Microsoft SQL Server 2012

MySQL Server 4.0.26

Modlogan, SS Imagemap,mnogoSearch

mod_rewrite, Imagemagic, GD2, Pear

Unlimited ODBC support

Unbeatable customer support

Extra prepaid bandwidth$2/gb/m
Extra used bandwidth$3/gb/m
Dedicated IP$5$2/m
Extra disk space$0.1/mb/m
Extra domain$1/m

Create your own custom plan: Tell us what you need and we will setup a plan just for you.
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*Plus 19% VAT for customers in the EU